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To boldly motivate where no motivators have gone before...

Dear reader,

This blogsite started off as a commentary for things quirky, so far, largely on science and science fiction. Along the way, I realise how science and science fiction is very much part of life, and hope. Hope offers motivation, the engine that keeps us going in life. I used to have another website dealing with motivation. I've decided to use this blogsite as the 'go to' blogsite for motivation issues and close down the other site. Let me share the opening letter in my other website:

Are you bored with work, studies or your social life?

Do you feel like waking up in the morning as a chore and you dread going to work or college?

Do you dread doing what you’re doing now, or feel that life is taking a direction you’re not happy with?

Do you feel like your life’s direction ought to change, but you’re not certain how?

If you have these pressing issues, you’ve come to the right place.

Clear Blue Skies

It started off as a profound philosophical question – what do we want out of life? The general answer is surely to maximize a state of well being and happiness, and to reduce the state of discomfort or unhappiness.

Some aspects of happiness are best answered through lessons in fitness and health – eating right, sleeping right, exercising etc.

Others are more subtle – habits and patterns formed through our family and social interactions, the relationship choices we make, our values and personality, or our spiritual choices etc.

Yet perhaps the mother of all questions would appear to be finding oneself and one’s purpose in life. Keeping busy doing what we fundamentally want to do is probably the most satisfying experience one can have.

Discovering personal goal could take years for some. For others, it’s the first thing they find, and become their source of bliss and contentment. It’s the same for love sometimes.

Then, there’s a different question of what you do with your purpose once you find it.

There are many books written on how we go about finding our purpose, and what we do once we find it, but what most people find useful, is a made-to-fit coaching.

This coach listens, analyses, resolves and encourages, and if circumstances call for it, prods, reminds, challenges and cajoles you out of your occasional stupor. It’s not counseling. More like live action.

We’ll have many stimulating conversations, to cultivate into habit the baby steps you’ll take as you develop the skill to find yourself and the courage to develop your personal goal. And what’s unique about this coaching, is that along the way, we’ll have a blast of a time while finding yourself, finding your purpose, and acting on that purpose. We’re not going to be sitting in the office, but we’ll be out there – walking in the park, bush walking, enjoying a cuppa al fresco style, having a sumptuous meal, attending a theater etc.

My personal experience in the past 15 years as a recruiter, trainer and motivator to the law firm in which I am a partner, and our lawyers; and my experience with myriad people whom I’ve had the privilege of coming across in my life and my profession, provides me with a unique perspective of personal goal finding and goal implementation.

My self discovery took a while, and may well be a continuing, refining process. I’ve set out to accomplish some of my goals, and then there are some left unfulfilled. What I will aspire to do for everyone I coach, is that I not only share with you what I already know, but what the continuing process might be like. As much as it is coaching, it is also sharing, and I look forward to learning from you, with the hope that we all stay true to our real purpose in life and make the most happiness out of acting on them.

I can’t be everything to everyone. That’s true not only of leaders, managers, friends, lovers etc., but it’s also true for coaches. Since chemistry matters, my coaching will only work if we have chemistry. If you wish to find out more, we can have a brief conversation. Drop me a line at

In the meantime, be well, and be safe.

Yours truly,

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