Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Super 8

Was it a great movie?

1) It's typical Spielberg fare in recent years, reminiscent of War of the Worlds + ET.

2) The only outstanding character is Elle Fanning, only 13.

3) Typical misguided US military.

4) Starting, leading up to the derailment, was great movie making. It went downhill after that. Ending was plain cheesy. The characters were not instrumental in anything except to tell the alien that he's been through bad times but he can still leave (big deal). And it was so easy for it to leave - makes you wonder why it needed to go through an elaborate process of stealing components to build some subterranean base, and what's his use of those people he captured. And knowing that the cubes build the ship, what were the trucks still doing in town? The plot and the circumstances just don't add up.

5) The only consolation was to watch the zombie movie in the end.

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