Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Star Wars: Palpatine vs Mace Windu - Lessons to be Learnt

Was Palpatine really beaten by Mace Windu in a lightsaber duel, only to be rescued by Anakin Skywalker?

We could take the obvious view and say, yes, that is so. Or we could look a bit deeper.

Yoda is just as, if not more powerful than Mace Windu. Yet, Palpatine equalled Yoda. And remember he despatched the other Jedi Council members (who are part of the team to arrest Palpatine at his office) with stunning ease.

There’s just that possibility that Palpatine may have foreseen his rescue by Anakin to purposely lose to Mace.

You say that kind of foresight is impossible? Not to the Sith Lord, who has foreseen great many things, except for the ultimate act of balance in the Force when Anakin/Vader throws him into the Death Star II chasm. And how can he not be that powerful, when his presence in Coruscant blacked out the Jedis' ability to foresee the future?

And why would he go through such a deliberate ruse if not to turn Anakin to the dark side? That was part of his grand plan too, to have an enforcer roaming the galaxy on his behalf while he rules from his seat of power in Coruscant.

He is in a sense, supremely confident that all his plans, no doubt occasionally scurried by unexpected developments, will ultimately turn out to be a done deal.

Observation: He could have easily despatched Anakin with all other Jedis. Did he really need him? No. Anakin is a poor judge of character, and impulsive. He could have been easily eliminated despite his sure connection with the Force. But Palpatine has uses for him when he becomes the Emperor.

So there you have it. Anakin Skywalker is but an anomaly in the Force, certainly expandable, but lasted far longer than any other Jedis from the hey days of the Republic.

He’s lucky to have been created from midichlorians itself, drawing Qui Gon and Obi Wan to his side, abusing Obi Wan’s affection for him (who closed a blind eye to his obvious and dangerous flaws), betraying the Jedi Order, and ultimately enforcing the Emperor’s diabolical will. He’s the kid who had easy things coming his way (even as a slave), and never grew up. And his final act of courage wasn’t based so much on on principled conviction, but was based on paternal instincts. This man cannot be said to possess strong character, or wisdom. He’s just very strong, and manipulated as such.

It’s strange that he’s also our numero uno tragic villain. Perhaps that says something about ourselves, that in each and everyone of us, lies that restlessness, the irresolute conflict.

Another interesting musing: Did Mace Windu die? If one considers his feat of being able to leap great heights and pilot droid starfighters during the Separatist siege of Coruscant, one might consider that indeed, there may just be that possibility that he survived the fall from the Supreme Chancellor's office. Though, how would he break his fall without any hands? But he does have his legs still. And provided he did not pass out as a result of Force Lightning overdose. Maybe they'll bring him back in the live action series which will be set at the times between the Revenge of the Sith, and A New Hope (only to disappear/die again somehow).

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